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Name:Phalluses of the Gods
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In a Land, where the Sun always shone, God...had a penis.

And it was good.

It was so good that the people made statues of God and His penis, they sang songs of the almighty seed.

Does YOUR God have a penis?

All kidding aside, the sex and sexuality of God has been within mankinds folklore and liturgies since the beginning of time.

In a world where God is either neuter or reviled because He is male, and feminists attempt to emasculate the God in some twisted sense of retribution, it is good to acknowlege the positive differences between male and female and how both aspects of the Divine and ourselves can come into play.

If you want to discuss the divine Lingham and the various deities across cultures that do dare to have genitalia, then this is the place to be!

It is not however, a place to post pictures of your penis. This is about God's penis, not yours.

Discussions may be explicit for obvious reasons.

If we have left out an ithyphallic God, let us know and we will add Him/Her (yes, some Goddesses have them too) to the interests!

Welcome to the place for valuing and reflecting on Gods who do not compromise Their masculinity!

--[personal profile] fannyfae and [personal profile] niankhsekhmet

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